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THE SHIFT IS WITHIN ♡ by Laura De León

Have you heard about ‘The Shift’?                                                                      

Many of you will say ‘Well, of course!’ But, believe it or not, even though we are all experiencing extreme changes in our lives, many have never heard the term before, let alone understand it. We are living in a time of great change never experienced before on this planet and that, my friends, is the understatement of a lifetime.

These personal and planetary changes are about a SHIFT into love. We are ascending from an ego and fear based existence into leading with and living from our HEARTS. There are certainly much more intricate explanations available and enough opinions, guess work and fear mongering available to keep Google, YouTube and Facebook very, very busy.

The question is, what does this mean for us on an everyday level?

Many of us have a huge desire to save the world and that is very noble. But it can be exhausting and ineffective if we are trying to force others to do, be, see and act in the way that we feel is right for them.

The truth is it is never about anyone else but ourselves.

What I have discovered on my personal journey to wholeness is that the only way I can have any effect on helping those around me and the lifting of consciousness on this planet is for me to heal my own inner wounds, my own fears, and my own self-sabotaging tendencies.  

And, this is the important part, to do this with great love and compassion for myself during the process.

If we cannot give this love to ourselves first, everything we bring out into the world will be distorted because it will be going out through the filter of our own pain.

When we heal ourselves first, and stop looking at the world through the filters of fear, the world around us begins to change.

We are no longer so easily triggered into anxiety and hopelessness and are able to begin communicating from a place of love and understanding. We connect to our family, friends, neighbors from a much more expansive place. When they begin to see and feel the energy shift within us it shifts something within them as well. They now feel that they are being seen, respected and honored for who they truly are and consequently start valuing themselves more. And, in turn, they begin living their lives in a more loving way.

Going inward and healing ourselves at the ROOT of the pain, with respect and compassion for self, creates a major SHIFT from within. And, because we are all truly connected, this healing energy will continue to vibrate and lift the consciousness of this amazing planet.

To love ourselves this deeply we can love the world around us more completely and make room for the JOY we were always meant to live in.

We are co-creating this world with each thought, word and deed, and have the power to collectively change our Planet and our Universe, forever.

Let’s all spend time each day to visualize what life will look like on this planet when we are all free of the pain of ego and living from our hearts. And then expand that vision of love every day. The SHIFT begins within and that is the most beautiful and empowering news imaginable.

This is how we save the world … one shift at a time.

Laura De León