Creativity is not a passive thing.

Reiki Classes


With Reiki Master Laura De León

WE ARE ALL HEALERS. REIKI gives focus and empowers those natural healing gifts.Come learn the magnificence of REIKI HEALING and how to apply it in your EVERYDAY LIFE.

REIKI FOR THE URBAN MYSTIC is for NEW COMERS and a Great REFRESHER for those already activated in REIKI and looking to walk more POWERFULLY in their Practice. REIKI will bring GREATER Productivity to all that you do.

REIKI CAN HELP LIFT depression, insomnia, migraines, anxiety and pain. Did you know that REIKI can also be used for PROBLEM SOLVING and to aid you in tapping into a HIGHER SOURCE OF CREATIVITY? It’s TRUE!

REIKI IS AN AMAZING CREATIVE TOOL for Writers, Actors, Singers, Directors… REIKI brings greater healing abilities for Nurses, Massage Therapist, Doctors, Trainers…

REIKI IS FOR ALL who desire to live in a more JOYFUL & POTENT way.


Friday March, 18th  7PM to 10PM  Orientation

Sat. & Sun, March, 19th & 20th 10AM to 6:30PM Cost: $250

REIKI lll MASTER-PRACTITIONER CERTIFICATION SATURDAY, April 2,  10AM to 6:30PM 1-day INTENSIVE Cost: $150 (Pre-requisite: Reiki l & ll)

MASTER CERTIFICATION PROGRAM   REIKI  l,  ll  &  lll Take all 3-Levels at a 15% discount) Cost:  $340

Class size is LIMITED so be sure to register today. A $50 deposit will hold your place. Payment in full by 3-11-11. Register for Reiki l, ll & lll and receive a 15% discount.

Let’s be a CONSCIOUS PART OF THE POSITIVE CHANGE that is happening on this planet. See you in class.


Laura De Leon & Ken Sheetz

Mystic Muse       DreamShield

LINK: Reiki work-shop info/Paypal


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