Creativity is not a passive thing.


Life for me does not look or feel anything like I thought it would at this point yet it is everything I have hoped for.  Never before have I felt such a powerful and consistent energy of change running through my life, the lives of those around me and on this incredible planet.  Look around and there can be no doubt of the amazingness taking place in the world today.

I really love teaching and learning more about the energy that connects us all.  Some call it God, Buddha, Goddess, Shiva, Source; Light…- so many beautiful names.  For me the words are interchangeable but the Source of this Magnificent Power is the same. Yes, there are amazing changes happening in the world and through the incredible communication we have available we can all see how deeply connected our lives are. At times these changes can look a bit scary but I feel that they are positive movements toward a more conscious and compassionate planet.

How is your life looking and feeling to you?  What changes are you experiencing energetically when you check in or step back and take a closer look at your life?  What are you noticing around you…in the people you love and see everyday?

Right now I find that whenever I am looking to “solidify” anything in my life, whether it be career, money, travel, relationships, ideas, plans… things do not seem to go well.  It seems life is moving so fast, and things changing so rapidly, that to force anything becomes a waste of time and energy not to mention frustrating.   Even if I begin to allow myself to indulge in a particular emotion for any amount of time there is a movement that does not support any kind of holding, clenching or controlling of the energy.

The great news is that when I step back and ‘let it go, let it flow’, miraculous things happen – and I mean truly miraculous.   Situations appear that, if I had planned for months, would not have turned out as incredibly perfect as they did.  New people show up and we feel as if we’ve been friends forever and suddenly life is full.  But again, the moment I try to ‘over plan’ anything it falls apart.  It seems I am being taught the fine line between being open to the Universe or being PUSHY with the Universe.  As we’ve all heard before “In God’s time, not ours”.   It’s a good saying but the truth is if we are all a part of God then all time is our time and we just need to tap into the higher energy of each moment/situation.  The cool thing is that we can TUNE ourselves into the ‘GOD TIME’ within us simply by being present in this moment and acting from this place. Yes, it takes dedication and focus to pave that new road to JOY but how drained are most of us from all of the time and energy it takes to run AWAY from ourselves and this moment?

Could trusting the moment and staying connected to our higher source create a life more beautiful then we could have ever imagined?  Could taking the time to learn to let go of the old ways of thinking, living and believing about life be the key to the happiness we’ve all been looking for?  Perhaps that meditation or yoga class is not such a ridiculous or unworthy challenge after all.

Something else I see happening a lot now with me and many of my friends is the revisiting of old relationship dynamics.  Just when I start feeling a bit smug about the deep spiritual work I’ve been doing, and how ‘Enlightened’ I’ve become, the Universe comes along to test that theory.  True enough yes? : )  The good news is that when we are in the moment we can step back and see more clearly that we have a choice of how we engage in any given situation.  I can choose to pick-up, or NOT pick-up, the other end of the rope in that old game of Tug-of-war in any old relationship dynamic.  And guess what?  When I’m not tugging on the rope (old fears and ego power struggles) the person on the other side of the rope has nothing to do but drop it.  I love that.  Those old emotional traps that caused so much suffering in the past can be released in one moment of clarity.  A moment that can change your life forever.   This is true magic!   Heaven on Earth.

And just when I think that’s enough, and life begins to look “normal’ again, there is another door opening that looks too good to be true.  Then, of course, the door of opportunity starts to close because of my momentary doubt that I am not deserving of such goodness.  So, I say to myself, and the Universe,  “Why not me?!?”  and run towards the ‘Too Good To Be True’ door with all my might only to find the door getting further and further away each time I draw near.  “Ah, I see!  I must be STILL and let it come to me or else it dissapears all together. Ding Ding Ding Ding Ding!  I get it.   So I sit quietly and breath, aware, accepting and content.  Not going left…not going right.  Feeling like a Humming bird in flight yet flying in the same spot.

It’s pretty cool actually. I feel like I am being taught a different way of moving in the world…in the cosmos.  A different way to move energy, thought… One that feels much more expansive, creative and exciting.  It is a place where I am more aware of my connection to God and to all beings.   This new way of living and walking my dreams forward does not involve force of any kind.  No pushing, pulling or jumping up and down.  I sit in the center of my being without running away from myself, staying with my own heart, feeling who I am and loving and accepting all of it.  Letting go of judgment and fear, and with that release, gaining new energy to dream and create a happier more fulfilling existence.

This new energy connects me to the whole of LIFE in a very powerful and personal way.  When there is no doubt that where I am at right now is exactly where I am supposed to be all the beauty around me becomes more evident.  I can now sit in true gratitude for my life, and all existence, knowing with all of my being that I am safe, I am loved and this moment is perfect.

This continuous contentment, joy and trust of the moment brings me a feeling of Joy and Peace I had only ever hoped for.  Joy begets Joy, Love begets Love, and Consciousness begets Consciousness.

Congratulations!   We’ve created Heaven on Earth.

Love & Blessings,

Laura De León


8 responses

  1. Wonderful, Laura. You are such an inspiration to me and the rest of the dream team.

    February 18, 2011 at 6:03 pm

  2. ” . . . Feeling like a Humming bird in flight yet flying in the same spot.” Love the metaphor, Laura. Next time I find myself rushing or pushing or panicking, I’m going to try standing still instead and listening till I can hum along with the Universe’s song and get back in the cosmic flow.

    Much success with your new blog! xo

    February 22, 2011 at 6:13 pm

    • Oh Thank you so much Juleitte. I’m so glad you enjoyed the Humming bird metaphor. : ) Love and blessings for all the wonderfulness you put out into the world. xo

      February 22, 2011 at 7:42 pm

  3. muffyjo

    Love your Avatar Picture. It Shimmers…. I am seeing it in 3D :))

    February 22, 2011 at 7:26 pm

    • Laura De León

      Thank you dear one. : )

      April 15, 2011 at 4:08 am

  4. Thank you angel. And thank you for taking the time out to read my work. Blessings

    February 22, 2011 at 7:39 pm

  5. Teresa

    Laura, You have covered all the points of the star here. When we are One connected to All, our lights will shine. That is Love! The knowing that if we are still and let it be; we will attract and receive our destines. Like a magnet of sorts. There is a scripture that states “Be still and know that I am GOD”. That is the whole premice right there. HE who to me is the universe; the Light (if you will) is in control. We are the ones interfering by trying to take it into our own hands and control. If we just let it be and give it to the universe; well then, que sera, sera. Thank you for enlightening my world. You my dear are a Muse and an Angel of one at that. Much Love to You!

    February 24, 2011 at 12:46 am

  6. I’m really happy to have read your post Laura, you put it all so clearly into words, expressing right on what I also am, and many others for sure, are experiencing today. these are wonderful times we are living :)) xxx

    February 24, 2011 at 2:16 am

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